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The mission of this Website is to share knowledge, skills, ideas, and expertise on various topics and give everyone the ability to adapt to change and transform their life in easy affordable manner. We aim to provide affordable World-class, High-quality, Job-oriented, and advanced education to anyone – Children, Youngsters or Seniors, to develop their skills and excel in their career with any topic of their choice in Technology and Management. We facilitate them to learn from anywhere, at any time of their convenience and enable them to transform themselves to a better lifestyle and to guide other lives for a movement from darkness to light.
Anyone who wishes to learn and top-up their skills are the beneficiaries of these courses. We are providing high-quality skill developing career-focused courses in Information Technology and Management. All the Courses are designed with video presentation and practical stimulation, easily understandable for everyone who learns the Course. The courses are suitable for anyone in Grade 5 (Age 10) to a Senior Scientist level (Age 70+) as they provide the latest developments in Technology. Any professional/job-seeker in Computer Programming, Web Developments, Information Technology, Graphic Designing, Management Cadre etc., who are aspiring to get promotion/job in their career are also the beneficiaries. There are Hundreds of Courses in the One Year Package – DELTA KIT.
Our aim is to give affordable education. Right now, we provide 3 packages with Bundle of Courses on single payment of fee. (1) BETA KIT – a package valid for 3 months with bundle of 25 Courses; (2) GAMMA KIT – a package valid for 6 months with bundle of 45 Courses; and (3) DELTA KIT – a package with bundle of 64 Courses and a BONUS of Hundreds of other Courses in the “Browse Library” valid for ONE Year. Only single fee payment is charged for each package and the person who joins the package can learn multiple number of Courses in the specified time limits of 3 months, 6 months, or One Year. If individual courses are given, then the total fees to learn so many different courses will be enormous and may not be affordable. We encourage everyone to be smart and learn more courses to acquire extra knowledge. Knowledge is power. We have some individual courses provided in “Individual Course” category/menu.
When you decide to join the courses in any package, sign up by clicking “JOIN FREE” menu and fill in your credentials like First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password etc. Thereafter choose one of the packages on Home Page (BETA KIT or GAMMA KIT or DELTA KIT). Click on the “GET IT NOW” button and you will be taken to the “Membership Checkout” Page. If you have any Discount Coupon Code, click on the relevant place below the yellow-colored icon/symbol of Beta or Gamma or Delta on Membership Checkout Page and click “Apply”. Then, you can select the mode of payment either through Credit Card Payment (Stripe) or PayPal Payment. When payment is made through PayPal, a reconfirmation of payment shall be made by clicking on the yellow button at the bottom of the page.
There is NO REFUND POLICY in this portal. A FREE Trial package viz. ALPHA KIT is provided in the Home Page where anyone can log in and view the pattern of the lesson’s presentation. 5 Free Preview Lessons each for 10 Courses are given in the ALPHA KIT. Those who wish to join the courses may see those preview lessons and decide to join the course on payment of fee. Therefore, No Refund will be entertained.
When you join a course, you create a Username and Password. Please remember this Username and Password to login later at any time. After Login, click on the Menu – “Profile” at right top corner on the Home Page. Your order and all the Courses in the package are available on Profile Page. Click on “Courses” Menu and then Click on “All” to see all the courses.
DELTA KIT – the One Year package is the most beneficial package. We recommend you join DELTA KIT package. You will get enough time to learn maximum courses at the lowest fee. Most of the Courses have longer duration. In addition to the 64 IT based courses listed in DELTA KIT package, you can learn Hundreds of other Courses in Management Skills, Business Skills, Project Managements, Financing, Accounting, and a lot more topics. These Hundreds of Courses are available in the “Browse Library” Menu on the Course Provider page (Skillsoft Page). This facility of “Browse Library” is available only in DELTA KIT package. Learn any number of courses on single payment of one year fee.
There are regular Courses and Certified Courses available on the site. We provide the preparation Courses for the Certified Courses. The Valid Certificates for the Certified Courses are issued by the concerned authority/ organization of the respective programs (Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon Web Service, Linux, CompTIA, CISCO etc.), once the student clears the Online Exams conducted by the authority, scoring the minimum specified percentage of marks. The Link to the concerned authority of each Certified Course is given in the “Overview” menu of the respective Course on this site. Students can learn the preparation Courses for the Certified Course on this site and apply for Online Exam at the site of the concerned authority and clear the Exam after paying the fee for it. The link to the site of the authority is available in the Description of each course. For every course, a Certificate from the State University of New York (SUNY), Potsdam Campus, New York will be issued ONLY IF THE STUDENT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETES THE COURSE WITH A SCORE OF 75% AND ABOVE in the Tests/Exams covered in each Course. SUNY is the largest University in the USA with 64 Campuses in all over the New York State.
A Course Completion Certificate will be issued by Bhudhi Dotcom, LLC when a student completes the course within its specified duration. However, upon successful completion of the courses with score of 75% and ABOVE at the Tests/ Exams in each Course, the State University of New York (SUNY), Potsdam Campus, New York will issue a Certificate. The Certificates for the Certified Courses are not issued by any University, but by the concerned authority of each Program. (Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon Web Service, Linux, CompTIA, CISCO etc.) The minimum eligibility for some courses is a Bachelor Degree.
The Courses in the site are not Affiliated or accredited to any University, but the State University of New York (SUNY), Potsdam Campus, New York have approved these courses to issue a certificate to those who score 75% or above marks. But these Certificates from the SUNY do not carry any credit for the courses of SUNY.
The regular courses do not have any mentoring facility. But the Certified Courses have mentoring facility through email or chat box in the course. The email and chat box links are given at the description of each course or at the last lesson in each course.
To view the detailed List of Certification Courses and the authorities, please click on the green colored button “VIEW ALL COURSES” at Home Page of the site bhudhi.com under the section “LEARN UNLIMITED COURSES ONLINE”. The minimum eligibility for some courses is a Bachelor Degree.
For any Customer Support, please email to support@bhudhi.com .

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